Let There Be Light

November 9, 2009

thegreatgatsbyYeah, but it ain’t exactly Monty Python and the Meaning of Life, you know?

“And what can life be worth if the first rehearsal for life is life itself?” – Milan Kundera, the Unbearable Lightness of Being

The true 21st century vagabond is feeling scared for the first time in his life. Scared, not because of the ridiculous lack of evidence in ITs wisdom, but of expectations.

IT, is Marriage.

Yep, yours truly is getting married, and there isn’t a book called The Oxford’s Guide to Husband’s Dos and Don’ts out there for one who subscribes to the hybrid of cheaply understood Old Testament and a prejudically scanned Koran(just in case there really is an entrance exam at heaven’s gate).

No amount of Khalil Gibran will prepare you for this kind of things, really. And certainly not that whining bitch called Paolo Coelho either.

So what’s one to do in this state of mind?

One prepares for the parties.

You heard me right: parties.

So I guess it’s about time I dust off this great book about throwing great parties, a book I love oh-so-dearly:

The Great Gatsby.

And we’ll need wine. Plenty of.


8 Responses to “Let There Be Light”

  1. *claps* FINALLY!!! Congrats!

  2. stevie said

    heh. finally. you come party jan 31st :)

  3. Asamboy said

    Welcome back Stevie!

    And congratulations mate!

  4. stevie said

    Thanks, Asamboy :)

  5. Izzy said


    Have really been enjoying yr posts. Good stuff. Are you really prepared for this ??

    Rgds Izzy

  6. stevie said

    Hey Izzy,

    you Leica nut. The other Leica nut can’t say he is ready for anything at all, he never was, never will be.

    But the sense of HOME is irresistible, and to be building a home with someone who not only could tolerate my many flaws, but accepted them in good faith, only yours truly could be so lucky. Jo is a very nurturing person, so even if only for selfish reasons, I couldn’t find a better partner than her.

    The Buddhists believe that all mankind were born into sufferings, the lucky ones find a partner to make their collective life more bearable, some even beautiful.


  7. Izzy said


    Good for you. As for me, I’m still on my little journeys here and there on roads less travelled. Don’t know when, who and where.

    May both of you find happiness


  8. stevie said


    even on the roads less traveled, you’ll bump into someone. And if you come to a fork in the road, take it.

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