sticky shit

April 9, 2009

I love cooking, and I have a large AllClad pan. It looks pretty low tech, this pan, until you use it.

I can deal with almost all kind of cheapo pans, as long as they are not Teflon coated, I hate those non-stick shit, coz they take away that certain “seared” looks of the eggs I fry.

But funnily enough, I do like my shit non-stick.

See, sometimes you go to a friend’s place and you need to take a shit, and your shit turns out to be the sticky type and they can’t be flushed out no matter know many times you try.

So you’re kinda stuck in your friend’s toilet not knowing what to do, coz it’ll be damn embarrassing when the next guy (or worse, girl) walks in and there it is…your shit, sticking on the toilet bowl.

I dunno about those imported stuff coz I use only Goh Ban Huat toilets, I dunno why nobody ever thought of Teflon-coating the toilet bowl, really, I mean it’s such a simple idea, and I bet my yellow ass I’m not the only one who has to wrap my hand in toilet paper to clean up the stickies.

I truly admire those people who are born Teflon coated, people like Rosmah and Jib.

No shit ever stick to them, even when the shit hits the fan.


3 Responses to “sticky shit”

  1. msleepyhead said

    To avoid future shiticky situations, just do a quick flush to wet the bowl before getting on to business. haha.

    We’ll be seeing them teflon coated people for a while.

  2. yum said

    ok, dude, ewwww.

  3. shalu said

    i miss reading your blog….write some more

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