January 9, 2009

picture-5Basically you can’t access any WordPress blog in China, a country with 50 million bloggers, many of them pro(vincial) bloggers on Communist payroll to influence (or manage) netizens’ perception of the Chinese government.

I’m reading my own blog for the first time, so that can only means I am outside of China. All this while I relied on Dorothy, Joanne, and another Joanne to post stuff for me.

It’s good to be back.

First thing I did was stuffing my face with curry fish head in Brickfields with Rajendra.

It’s Coco and Mitch’s wedding day tomorrow.

There will be rowdy banquet with karaoke.

There will be plenty of concerned relatives who’d want to fix me up with some kampong chicken.

There will be plenty of alcohol for me to drown my sorrow in.

But tomorrow is Coco and Mitch’s wedding day and I will be the best man.

I have toast to make and I haven’t got time for a hair cut.

Damn, I don’t even have a pair of decent shoes.

Mitch said it’s okay, we’ll have a sneakered best man.

Mitch is always okay with stuff.

That’s why he needs Coco to scrutinize stuff before he can okay them.

I am confident that this pair will be a great new balance.

To Coco and Mitch:



One Response to “sneakered”

  1. Pauline said

    welcome home!!!
    well written!! love it!!!
    Take care ya! & don’t drown in sorrow ever!!! :)

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